VIVO Luxury Services

Health & Hygiene Protocols

Because your safety is our top priority, we have implemented health and hygiene protocols for our services:

  • Avoiding checking hands
  • Constant hand washing
  • Detailed cleaning of all surfaces such as door handles, seat belts, windows buttons, etc.
  • Wearing masks in all services
  • Opening windows to ventilate and no AC recycling mode
  • Implemented sanitizing gel, disinfectant wipes and disposable bags

Our safety program complies with the highest industry standards.

10 Ways Los Cabos is ready
to welcoming you back!

  • High quality across service
  • Sense of Space
  • Small and medium hotels with 220 rooms average
  • Secluded experience 
  • Outdoor activities (Sea of Cortez, Desert, Mountain)
  • Laid back luxury for resilient travelers
  • Wellness product in nature
  • Celebrities hotspot 
  • Close to main markets within 3 hours of 22 main cities in the US
  • Balanced portfolio
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